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Our Purpose

In a world in which companies want to be fair, diverse and competitive employers, we provide the data to make it happen.

Our Vision

We want to empower every company to make data-led people decisions. Our mission: Build the best platform, fill it with reliable wide-ranging data, show insights that matter, create connections, do it all with our core belief that everyone matters.

Our Mission

Change doesn’t happen overnight. Neither does innovation. We’re committed to make both happen in the world of HR. Getting easy access to reliable data shouldn’t be that hard, and we working relentlessly to make sure it never has to be.

Our Team

Small but... Mighty. Inspired. Resilient. Caring.

We’re a group of people that believe that workplaces can (and should!) try to be the best employers they can be. Transparency and data play a big part in this - Data Speaks!

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We are passionate about people and data. If you are too, this is the right place for you!

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