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D&I Impact: Proving the Link Between Diversity and Business Performance

Written by
David Whitfield
D&I Impact: Proving the Link Between Diversity and Business Performance

HR DataHub is working on a game-changing tool that’s about to change the way we approach diversity in the workplace, taking it from a nice-to-have to a critical driver of business success.

We call it D&I Impact.

In this post, you’ll learn: 

  • What it is
  • What’s in it for HR teams
  • What’s in it for organisations
  • The timeline for the project
D&I Impact by HR DataHub

What is D&I Impact?

Last year, we released the D&I index

D&I Index by HR DataHub

With the D&I Index, we gave our customers the means to understand how they are performing, in context, against their external peer groups.

We believe that a natural evolution of our offering is helping HR teams find out how they are delivering value to their business and how they can show the real impact of diversity on the business.

The genesis of the D&I Impact Project

Let’s get something straight: there are plenty of research papers showing that organisations working on diversity and inclusion perform well. In fact, on top of our work on the D&I Index — and what our customers have to say about it — the original D&I Impact idea also came from reading most of the groundbreaking work on the matter. McKinsey—to name but one—has released amazing work on the topic. 

Now, we kept telling ourselves that “it’s all good stuff, but it's not in real language”, or, at least not in a language that could easily convince a board of directors.

Up until now, we’re still in the observation phase, and, despite all the positive signs, there’s no hard evidence showing the real impact of diversity on business performance.

Our D&I Impact Tool will go beyond observing and will help HR teams link their efforts on diversity to business performance once and for all.

The scary part? It has never been done before.

Of course, there's a reason why no one's done this; it is super difficult.

Now, we’re building a dream team here at HR DataHub to work on this. We’re also working with some of the most well-respected D&I experts in the UK, and companies like Marks & Spencer, Imperial Brands, Phoenix Group and DHL already support us in this journey.

And to top it all, we’ve received a grant from the UK government to help advance our work.

To sum it up: 

  • We've got the funding,
  • we've got the talent,
  • We’ve got the expertise.

And now, we have a year to do it.

Why should any organisation invest in this project?

There are a ton of reasons why all organisations should seek this type of product. But to wrap our heads around what really matters, here are two main reasons why:

Get a 12-month subscription to HR DataHub, including the D&I Index.

The D&I Index is a tool like no other that lets you measure and compare your D&I performance with industry peers using 100% real-world data. It provides the data, insights and guidance for HR teams to take actions that are proven to work and build a compelling business case.

Show unique insights to your board and attribute HR work to business performance.

Our D&I Impact tool will help HR teams have real conversations with their board of directors about business rather than relying on academic reports done a couple of years before, focusing on other organisations.

Of course, studies can be relatable, but they don’t provide in-context information for your organisation.

Our tool will help HR teams measure and understand the impact of diversity on their organisation and shape the right processes to optimise their own situation.

The D&I train is accelerating. Make your organisation a frontrunner.

Joining us to work on the D&I Impact is also a chance to have exclusive access to the beta versions of the tool.

You will be among the first organisations anywhere in the world to get access to these revolutionary insights.

Most importantly, you’ll be able to shape the tool so that it meets your requirements before else.

Join us. Let’s achieve what’s never been done before.

The D&I Impact tool we’re working on is an absolute game changer.

We’re absolutely thrilled to count on the support of the UK government and on the involvement of iconic organisations such as Marks & Spencer, Imperial Brands, Phoenix Group and DHL.

Of course, when it comes to data and machine learning, the more, the merrier. This is why our doors are still open for a couple more weeks if you would like to embark on this groundbreaking adventure to change how we as a society view and approach diversity.

So, my question to you is the following: Are you in?

D&I Impact by HR DataHub