D&I Impact: Prove the link between D&I and business performance

Position your organisation as a frontrunner. Change how the world of work values diversity.
D&I Impact will change the way we approach diversity in the world of work

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What is the D&I Impact about?

The plan

Build a tool that uses Machine Learning to prove that businesses with a diverse workforce consistently outperform their business objectives.
the plan for D&I Impact
Why is D&I Impact needed

Why we’re doing this

To change how organisations approach D&l and move from the 'right thing to do' to a critical driver of business success.

What YOU get from it

The D&I Impact will actively support HR leaders in driving meaningful change in their organisations. It will help improve your diversity initiatives and support your entire business growth, in all areas.

Additionally, joining the project will get you a 12-month access to HR DataHub platform, including our D&I Index and Pay Tracker Live tools.
What you get from D&I Impact
D&I Impact - how we'll get there

How we’ll get there

By correlating D&I data from partner organisations (representation across all levels, tenure, pay, or talent movement), and Key Performance Indicators such as new product delivery, profit, engagement, well-being, customer service, turnover, talent acquisition, etc.

A UK government-backed project

The UK government is backing us up to develop a data-driven tool using machine learning which will, for the first time, allow UK organisations to directly link D&I performance to financial and non-financial business results.
The UK government supports D&I Impact
Gemma Eley
Head of People, Hotel Chocolat
"Really impressed with the work the team at HR DataHub are undertaking. Not only the platform but also the communities they are creating to help share best practices and drive sustained change, particularly in the D&l space - it's fantastic to be a part of and I'm looking forward to seeing it grow."
James Barker
Compensation Manager, Müller
"As an early adopter of HR DataHub, it's been great to see the platform go from strength to strength over the past couple of years. New features are added on a regular basis, something other providers are miles behind on. It's a great one-stop-shop for a multitude of Reward and Generalist HR provisions."
Roxi Corp
Global Head of Diversity & Inclusion, DHL Supply Chain
"We are getting great insights from HRDataHub as a result of their extensive research on a wide range of HR topics. Really useful support in helping our decision-making and better understanding of the external market."
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