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Disclosure Calculator

D&I disclosure refers to individuals formally (and voluntarily) disclosing their identity to their organisation, such as their gender, ethnicity, disability, etc. This is usually done as part of a HR-managed process. When it comes to measuring D&I performance through objective data, very little can be done without high levels of disclosure. How can you build a more diverse and inclusive workplace if you don't know who your employees are, and therefore what their needs might be? Increasing D&I disclosure amongst employees is key understanding the current D&I landscape, and how to improve it.

As organisations work towards higher disclosure rates, many struggle to determine what levels of disclosure are needed, before they can analyse the data and start reporting on their diversity.

Enters: the Disclosure Calculator

We have built the disclosure calculator to allow companies to determine what disclosure % they need to achieve for each characteristic, based on their size. With fewer employees, you will need a much higher disclosure rate because of data sampling. Targets based on the predicted number of people you will have across the characteristics, based on census data.

This is by no means a hard rule, but we hope this provides helpful guidance.

Minimum Disclosure Rates

Workforce SizeEthnicityAgeDisabilityLGBTQ+
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