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Insight that makes a difference

What we do

Day-to-day, our team collects HR data from companies throughout our community, indexing and sorting this information so that HR teams can easily extract the insights they need. HR teams can compare themselves to high performers across hundreds of data points, allowing them to rapidly move towards a fairer, more diverse and more competitive future with an external perspective.

How we do it, in 4 easy steps

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1 Sharing

Organisations share their data with us (maximum reliability!)

2 Process

We processes, check and analysis all the data (maximum benchmarkability)

3 Upload

We upload everything to our platform with built in confidentiality and aggregation (maximum security)

4 Insight

YOU get to slice, dice, chart and export all the insights you need 

Product features

We provide you with insights that measures the real-life impact of different initiatives.  You also have the opportunity to compare yourself against the market and/or to your chosen list of competitors.  With a comprehensive list of easy to use metrics, in depth research, and online Community Hub forums we aim to empower you to make informed decisions backed by data, research, and experience.

Your specific needs

We have used our experience of real HR world issues to create content that is meaningful and aligned to the needs of our clients across all areas of HR

Diversity & Inclusion






Employee Relations



HR Operations

HR Efficiency



Key Measurement

Recruitment & Talent


Talent Flow





Pensions & Benefits

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Proud to work with those that share our values, and commitment to transparency and progress through data.

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Ethnicity targets - Only 18% organisations have targets in place whereas 56% of organisations have no ethnicity targets in place but have the intention to put some targets in place in the future.

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