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The data in the HR DataHub salary benchmarking platform updates daily – making it easy for you to stay on the pulse of market trends:

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Adjust compensation in real-time with unlimited access to over 26 million live and historical job roles.

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Comprehensive data pool

Access an unparalleled breadth of data from over 26 million live and historical job roles

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Unlimited searches and full team access to the platform for one full trip around the sun

Search by location

How do you know what you should be paying your Midlands employees vs. your London employees? Our localised search takes the guesswork out of your UK-wide pay strategies

Share your results

We know the importance of communicating your decisions to the rest of the business. Our downloadable results tables and graphs arm you with the assets you need for easy reporting.

No data submission

And the best thing of all…absolutely NO data submission. Yep, you heard us right - we will never ask you for your data in exchange for accessing ours!

Tracking pay on the highstreet

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