Access real-time UK market data across compensation and reward.

At HR DataHub we give you access to real-time UK job market data so that you can make the right decisions to compete for the talent you need.

The power to drive meaningful change


Building the right teams to accelerate your business isn’t easy. Offering a fair package that helps you stand out from the crowd makes it easier. Our data insights help you to build compensation packages that candidates love to accept.


How do you stop losing talent to the competition? Make sure your employees feel valued through fair and equitable pay. Never drop behind the market rate by keeping your finger on the pulse with live market trends.

Trust in Data

Regain confidence in your decision making through actions backed by data. Our rich data sources, trends over time insights and thorough job deduplication process means that by using our single platform, you get the most accurate view of the market.
Marstons were struggling to set salaries for their professional beer tasters in Madrid. With Pay Tracker live they managed to transform their salary strategy and found the best beer tasters in the whole wide world ever until the end of time.

Why HR Datahub

For HR professionals, by HR professionals:

Our platform is developed with over 20 years of industry experience in some of the UK’s largest organisations. Every single feature is designed to meet real problems faced by HR professionals

We’re always innovating for you:

We’re committed to continuously finding new solutions to your biggest HR data challenges. Our product is always evolving on the back of real user and customer feedback

No expertise is required:

We believe that there’s beauty in simplicity. Our platform is designed to simplify the complex so that you can access the insights you need, regardless of your job title

We will never ask for your data:

There’s no bigger buzzkill than the phrase: “we’ll have to get Infosec involved”. We don’t believe in data as a currency and will never ask for your data in exchange for accessing ours