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Meet HR DataHub

Data loving 📊 Purpose driven 🚀 Good people 🤗

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Our Story

We genuinely think that organisations want to create a great working environment for their people. They want to be inclusive, diverse and fair to their employees.

The question is : What does ‘great’ look like? How can you ensure you’re a great employer if you don’t know what others are doing.

Our answer: Data.

Data can be complicated and feel overwhelming, sure - the kind of thing you might want to leave to experts. The thing is, nowadays, we all need data to make decisions. And that’s especially true when you’re in HR: the decisions that you take impact the working lives of so many people.

Our teams know this better than anyone - David, one of our co-Founders, spent the last 15 years of his careers leading large HR teams at some of the UK’s largest organisations. Paired with Alexa (our other co-Founder)’s scale-up experience, our amazing team is on a mission to build beautiful digital tools to empower HR people to use data to make the world of work fairer and better for everyone.

Our Values 💙🧡

Humanity, one of our values
Courage, one of our values
Excellence, one of our values