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Fair Pricing.
Mindblowing capabilities.

£5,000 (+VAT)
Your all-inclusive subscription to access all the tools you need to start making strategic and data-led HR decisions.


Free. Forever.
Limited access to features and tools
Plans Include:
  • Sandbox D&I Index demo
  • Access to insights for 25 essential metrics
  • Reward Benchmarking Basics (by Level and Function)
  • 5 Live salary market searches per month
  • View most recent Pay Settlements
  • Entry level knowledge resources
  • Online customer support

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£5,000 +VAT / year
Full access to all features and tools for up to 4 users
Includes everything in Essentials, plus:
  • Submit your own data for detailed benchmarking
  • Access to insights across full 150+ metrics
  • Full Reward Benchmarking (Level, Function, Role, Sector, Orgs)
  • Unlimited Live salary market searches
  • Full history of Pay Settlements
  • Access all resources
  • Creation of custom benchmarking groups
  • Training and dedicated support
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Your questions answered

  • Can I get a demo of the full platform before deciding to upgrade to a Pro plan?
    Absolutely, just book a time with a member of our team above and ask them for a full demo. Alternatively, you might want to check our schedule of public demos and pick a session that works for you.
  • How long can I keep my Essentials plan?
    You can be on your Essentials plan for free, forever. As simple as that.
  • Can I just pay online to upgrade using my credit card?
    Unfortunately, we don’t accept online payments at this time. Speak to a member of our team to get started with Pro!
  • Do I need to submit data if I upgrade to Pro?
    Yes, submitting data is an essential part of the onboarding process for the Pro plans, as this is what enables us to benchmark your performance. No data, no benchmarking. Our team can tell you more about what data is required and the process for submitting it.

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