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Power to the (HR) People – Introducing HR DataHub Essentials

Written by
Alexa Grellet
Power to the (HR) People – Introducing HR DataHub Essentials

I think it’s fair to say that most people would rather use data to make decisions than to simply be guided by their gut-feel.

That being said, understanding data can actually be complicated for most of us, even daunting sometimes, and certainly doesn’t come naturally. It’s a skill that needs to be learned, and as such, it means that at some point, we all have to go on a data literacy journey to get really comfortable with understanding data and using it to drive meaningful actions. As HR professionals, we know that Data has always played a role in HR, but that there is space to take things to the next level. People decisions are crucial decisions. And crucial decisions should never be made based on a gut feeling, especially as the available and usable HR data has never been so rich. There’s no way around it, we’ve got to get comfortable with data.

This is why we decided to create HR DataHub Essentials, a forever-free version of HR DataHub, accessible to everyone. 

After all, our mission is to empower and inform the HR community. We want to grant HR professionals’ knowledge and power to move toward data-led decision-making. In a sense, this is our contribution to democratising access to essential information and showing how valuable HR can be.

Why HR DataHub Essentials came to be

We built the free version of HR DataHub so that anyone can sign up and start exploring metrics, receive key insights, and start making more informed HR decisions — no experience with analytics or a PhD in Statistics needed, something truly accessible to everyone.

We wanted to give Essentials users a taste of the holistic nature of the HR DataHub platform, but making sure users can access insights from all areas of HR, not just a few in isolation 

This makes HR DataHub Essentials the ideal solution for anyone starting out on their HR analytics journey, for small HR teams that just need a few bits of information or simply organisations wanting to see what HR DataHub is all about.

Our plan? Helping you access relevant, trustworthy and up-to-date data when you need it, in a few click

Until now, the most commonly used HR data came from annual surveys; this means that the data HR professionals get is not updated continuously and in real time. More importantly, surveys are often confined to one specific topic within HR, making it complicated to look at problems holistically. Now, the world of work is changing at such rapid pace, that these types of analyses often don’t provide enough context to help make decisionsUsing a HR data platform such as HR DataHub Essentials will help bridge that gap - you’ll be able to use the data that is available and test how it works, in practice. Bonus point, it will be free and available forever. You’ll have all the time and space you need to grow comfortable using data in your everyday decisions.

What’s included in HR DataHub Essentials – A quick overview

HR DataHub Essentials give you access to every area of HR DataHub, no matter what you want to focus on.

You can look at insights around: 

  • Diversity and inclusion, 
  • Reward, 
  • Talent acquisition
  • Engagement & Retention
  • Employee relations
  • and much more…

… and you’ll always be able to find relevant and impactful information.

How Essentials differs from the complete platform

Of course, we needed to apply some limitations to HR DataHub Essentials, or we would most likely be out of business by next week.

To make our free version actually valuable, we decided to only limit the depth of insights rather than the breadth.

Why? Seeing how our customers currently benefit from our platform, we know that there are so many use cases to HR DataHub

On the one hand, it’s absolutely exhilarating for us. 

On the other, it means that it didn’t make sense to cut areas of the platform out, as most organisations out there would not benefit from Essentials at all.

So, Essentials gives you access to everything, only with a smaller scope (see Hubble Space Telescope vs James Webb Space Telescope type of difference).

An entry point to HR benchmarks

The possibility to benchmark oneself is one of the key features of HR DataHub.

With Essentials, users will be able to get some insights about the world around them on some essential metrics, but won’t be able to benchmark themselves in details - that’s what the Pro version is about! Upgrading to the Pro unlocks the ability for users to  upload their own data to the platform, and take their analysis to broader and more detailed levels.

If you are only starting to explore the world of HR analytics, seeing what is actually happening around you and how other organisations  are doing will help you get ideas of what data to collect and analyse in your own organisation to better understand your situation and fuel change towards a more diverse, inclusive, efficient and sustainable workplace.e.

To make a long story short, HR DataHub Essentials won’t only get you insights, it will help you see the potential laying behind the data you already have (or could be collecting).

What can you achieve with HR DataHub Essentials

As mentioned above, we designed and packaged the free version of the HR DataHub platform so that it can already be valuable for you.

The free version of HR DataHub spans across all our tools from the DataLab, to our D&I index and our Reward Hub, which also includes Pay Tracker Live.

Wait, can I actually get REAL data from all HR DataHub tools, for FREE?

Well, yes.

Let’s take a few examples.

Review your market positioning for pay

With Essentials, you can see where other companies in your industry are positioned, on average.

Understand the right pay for specific roles you need

This would normally take hours of scouring through job boards, reading salary surveys and what not… 

HR DataHub Essentials gives you access to Pay Tracker Live, where you can search for any job, drill down with advanced search criteria and gain insights into just the right salary for the job you are recruiting for in a specific region. 

This alone will save you a lot of time and help you hire more right-fit candidates, faster, as you offer the right compensation for the right roles.

Investigate benefit policies

In the same realm, you might be wondering what are sector-wide standards on key benefit policies because you might have an annual review coming up – you will find the answers in the free forever version of HR DataHub.

Learn about other companies’ D&I standards

Essentials is also a great starting point to gain insights into what is happening in other companies and accelerate your D&I strategy.

For instance, with Essentials, you could find rates of self-declaration on ethnicity and understand where you are in comparison to other companies and gain confidence in your own D&I journey. You will see if you need to adjust the pace in order to stay competitive and simply put, find focus in your activities.

So, what’s next?

2022 has been and still is an exciting year for HR DataHub. We have introduced new tools such as Pay Tracker Live

And we will continue to follow our mission of supporting HR professionals, with more helpful tools.

Enter the world of HR Analytics with HR DataHub Essentials

Our mission is to provide HR professionals with the data they need, when they need it. We are here to demystify data and give power to the (HR) people!

If that sounds like something you’d like to explore, give a try to HR DataHub Essentials, now!