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How Wilson James attract the best talent with HR DataHub

Written by
Alexa Grellet
How Wilson James attract the best talent with HR DataHub

With operations spanning security, logistics, aviation and infrastructure, business services specialist Wilson James relies on a 6000-strong workforce equipped with a broad range of skills, experience and knowhow. Onboarding the right mix of talent and hanging on to the very best people are both critical to driving company performance across multiple specialisms. In 2023, Wilson James switched to HR DataHub’s salary benchmarking platform to make recruitment smarter, more competitive and time-efficient. 

Wide-of-the-Mark Benchmarks

In the past, Wilson James’s Recruitment Team found the task of setting competitive pay levels for job vacancies was always protracted and difficult. Painstaking online research of job boards to compile manual spreadsheets consumed hours and often generated inconsistent results. Sometimes, skewed benchmarking resulted in poorly-informed salary setting and adverts failed to match local pay averages. This could make recruitment for some roles almost impossible. When HR DataHub was introduced, the recruitment team quickly spotted its potential as a salary benchmarking tool to help attract fresh talent to the business.

Precise Real-Time Insights in Minutes 

“When people said, ‘Can we benchmark this?’, everyone in the team used to say, that's on tomorrow's job list. But now, I'll do it in five minutes.” Jennifer Stone, Recruitment Manager, Wilson James

From the get-go, HR DataHub produced pay research of the highest quality based on real-time analysis of multiple trustworthy sources, replacing historic reliance on lengthy manual searches across single points of truth. It supplies the team with credible pay benchmarks to ensure recruitment campaigns are pay-rate competitive and draw in the best candidates. All this is achieved via the easy-to-use HR DataHub interface in just minutes. 

Stronger Data. Stronger Bids

“HR DataHub definitely helps with pay negotiations and tenders.” Jennifer Stone, Recruitment Manager, Wilson James

HR DataHub is a trusted source of data outside the recruitment sphere too. Tender enquiries, RFIs and customer renegotiations often require Wilson James to demonstrate their staff pay-rates are reasonable and competitive versus industry norms. HR DataHub gives bid teams full confidence that comparison data in their bid proposals is legitimate and accurate and presents the data as slick, professional graphics.

Setting New Professional Standards 

“It has been really fundamental in enhancing the credibility and the reputation of our own HR team internally.”Meg Reed, Group Creative Solutions Director, Wilson James

Thanks to HR DataHub, the reputation of Wilson James’s 40-strong HR team has been enhanced within the business. With hundreds of managers recruiting into their own teams, the HR department has been able to use HR DataHub to set a five-star standard for deciding fair and realistic pay rates based upon highly-trusted market data, and share these benchmarks with internal stakeholders quickly and professionally.

Want to discover how real-time salary insights can help you to make the pay decisions that keep you ahead of the competition? Contact us for a free 1:1 benchmarking session.