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HR DataHub Receives a Major Update

Written by
Alexa Grellet
HR DataHub Receives a Major Update

The job market is in flux. Some industries are in desperate need of talent, while others are extremely competitive. Alongside destabalising inflation rates, this makes finding the right talent at the right price even trickier for HR professionals. 

As we know, offering the right salaries can make the difference between building motivated, high performing teams or…not. Finding the golden number ensures you’re attracting and retaining the right talent for your organisation while building a brand reputation that keeps them coming back. 

What makes the right pay … the right pay?

There are many things to consider when determining an employee's salary from market competitiveness through to experience, location and specialisms. So how do we determine the right pay at the right time? 

We’ve all been there - spending hours pouring over Google searches trying to compare jobs in the market, what our competitors are doing and what benefits are on offer. Or going through the cumbersome process of an annual salary survey that is out of date as soon as it hits your hands. 

Well, not anymore. Introducing, HR DataHub.

What is HR DataHub?

HR DataHub is a simple yet powerful salary benchmarking tool that provides real-time insights for anyone that needs instant, reliable job market data. 

How does it work?

It’s simple.

We collect job listings from all of the key job boards daily into our user-friendly interface so that you can digest, filter and download the information you need – all within minutes. And because we do this in real-time, you can confidently make salary decisions knowing that your data is as fresh as the market. 

Nobody’s perfect - not even us. That’s why we’ve been working on some pretty cool product updates that we can’t wait to share with you… 

With LinkedIn and Glassdoor data, our database has now grown to over 30M job postings

We know how important it is to get as much data coverage as possible for our customers, which is why we’re excited to announce that we’ve expanded our datasets to include historical and current job listings from Linkedin and Glassdoor.

These new additions mean that our customers have access to the most comprehensive view of the live UK job market. 

New features to make your life (a lot) easier

Search multiple roles within one search

In some cases, one job title is not enough to cover all similar roles. For instance, you could be looking for a Truck Driver or a Lorry Driver. Similar job, different naming. To help you save time - and not stress about missing out on key data - Pay Tracker Live will suggest to include job title variations as you’re searching.

Downloadable charts and full results table

We’ve now made it possible to download charts and results so that you can include Pay Tracker Live data in your own working files and/or share it with your colleagues. We provide the information, you make it your own.

Filter pay data by company

If your direct competitors offer higher compensation, they’ll most likely attract the best talent in the long run.

Well, we now give you a bird’s eye view of what your competition is up to with Pay.

With HR DataHub, we make it possible for HR and Reward professionals to see where direct competition stands on salary to at least offer the same and not lose opportunities to hire top candidates (or lose the talent you have!)

Get a pulse of the market in real-time

It is crucial to know how high the demand is for a specific job when hiring, as it can help you gauge how competitive the job market is.

Knowing the demand for a particular job can also help you gain insight into what salary range is appropriate for the open position so that you can remain competitive while remaining within your budget.

Pay Tracker Live makes this easier than ever.

Step 1. Enter a title you’re hiring for.

Step 2. Adjust the filters for time frame and salary brackets.

Step 3. See market averages and make the right Pay decisions.

Try HR DataHub, for free!

Yes, you read this right.

You can get your hands on HR DataHub right now for a full 7-day unlimited trial, no credit card required.

All you need to do is create your free HR DataHub account, and once in hit the button that says 'Start your free trial'.

For unlimited access, let’s talk!

Coming soon to HR DataHub

We’re working hard to keep making our salary benchmarking tool the most helpful solution for all HR and Reward professionals needing live information on pay.

Nudges and alerts’

So companies can be notified when our tracker is picking up on sudden market evolutions. Say you and your competitors are suddenly looking to fill a similar position. Thanks to alerts, HR DataHub would alert you when the job is less in demand, and you might be able to hire at a more opportune pay.

Search by industry

From one industry to another, the same job title can mean very different tasks, expectations and pay. For instance, a “Sales Assistant” role in retail will likely be vastly different from a Sales Assistant role in a B2B company.

Benefits & bonus information.

Sometimes, it’s not enough to just look at salary to compare two job offers. This is why we’re working on a new feature to also include additional information such as various pay benefits & bonus information to provide HR teams with apples to apples comparisons.

As per usual, stay tuned for more - or contact us if you'd like to see more of it.