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Ethnicity Pay Gap Database

Explore the UK's biggest database for Ethnicity Pay Gap data.

In the UK, reporting on Ethnicity Pay Gap (EPG) is not a legal mandate (yet 🤞). For the past 3 years, we have collected reports from companies that have self-reported their EPG, and created a database where we can track who's publishing, what the median % pay gap, representation %, discourse % are.

Click on the interactive dashboard below to delve into the insights.

Of course this has been impacted by COVID and companies working hard to get their disclosure rates up but still we were hoping for more companies to step forward.

Relying on companies to self-report in this way does not seem to be working and legislation maybe the only way to go.

Here at HR DataHub we are doing our part through the groundbreaking D&I Index that gives the blueprint for companies to collect data in the right way, get insights, tailored actions and much more.

The index will score companies based on objective data and will hopefully give them the confidence to self report.

This represents just a fraction of the insights which the D&I Index and wider HR DataHub platform can provide.  We can provide you with the guidance, benchmarking, actions and templates to report your Ethnicity Pay Gap with confidence.