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Salary Insights, Simplified.

Introducing HR DataHub - the salary benchmarking platform that gives you access to the UKs most comprehensive real-time salary data at the click of a button. Stay competitive by offering the right compensation to attract and retain the talent you need to accelerate your business.
A visual representation of the HR DataHub platform showing job listings, median salary range and number of job ads for a searched role

Take the guesswork out of your salary strategy

Attract and retain the right people

Make salary decisions that keep you ahead of the competition

Trust in data-driven decisions

Have confidence that your decisions are backed by real-time data

Save time for real work

Say goodbye to tedious admin and free up your time for things higher up the priority list

They already trust us

What you get with HR DataHub


20M+ Job postings

We update our data sources and job postings daily, giving you the most comprehensive view of the UK market

Trends over time insights

Past and present salary data lets you stay on top of market trends by tracking how salaries have changed over time
Easy to use

User friendly interface

We update our data sources and job postings daily, giving you the most comprehensive view of the UK market

Key product features


Suggested job titles

More than one job title for the same role? No problem. Our search functionality will automatically suggest similar job titles so that you don’t have to. Search multiple titles at once and finding accurate results has just become a whole lot quicker.

Downloadable results

We know the importance of communicating your decisions to the rest of the business. Our downloadable results tables and graphs arm you with the assets you need for easy reporting.

Localised search

Not all salaries are made equal and there can be a big difference between towns and cities across the UK. Search over 100 UK locations and make sure that you’re paying fairly, wherever you're based.

How it works



We collect job listings daily from multiple sources including Linkedin, Glassdoor and Indeed so that you know your data is as fresh as the market

Search & refine

Use our intuitive tool to search and refine your results by role, location, salary type and more


Compare median, upper and lower results for your roles. Use your insights to inform your salary strategy and ensure you’re always paying fairly


Share your results with key stakeholders with our downloadable results table and summary charts
We deliver you insights without ever asking for your data  👀