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One platform, a world of HR insights

HR DataHub is a complete benchmarking platform with all the tools you need to make data led HR decisions – whether you want to build a business case, find out how you are performing, or looking for new actions to implement.
D&I Index

D&I Index

Benchmark your D&I performance

100% Data led  - no subjectivity

Inclusive – covering all employees 

Sector based – for a fair comparison

Census Adjusted – to cover regionality

Five Characteristics - Age, Gender, Ethnicity, Disability, LGBTQ+

Index score  - to easily see areas to work on

Peer Ranking – to see how you stack up

Get Accredited - show candidates that you are a great place to work

Get Actions that work – using our algorithm which identifies best practice

Reward Hub

Reward Hub

Benchmark your reward performance

Salary Surveys – get reliable pay data

Live Data – from job adverts

Pay Settlements – database of 3,000 pay deals

Benefit data – pension, cars, health, financial, mental, voluntary and much more

Bespoke Sampling – select the companies you want to benchmark against



Benchmark your HR performance

150+ Metrics - Engagement, Recruitment, Talent, Employee Relations and many more.

Get Trends – combine data across multiple data points

Bespoke Sampling – select the companies you want to benchmark against

Check performance – using core hr metrics such as absence and turnover

Build business cases – find out what other companies have in place